9+ Paleo Snack Recipes

These paleo snack recipes are a perfect treat for whenever you’re feeling a little peckish. The paleo friendly bars, muffins and much more are relatively healthy for a snack.

As you may know when you start the paleo diet one of the biggest changes is being unable to eat so many different foods. You will be surprised how many snacks that you’re able to buy aren’t considered paleo friendly.

This is because a lot of store bought snacks are filled with either artificial preservatives, grain products or other non-paleo ingredients. Luckily the recipes on this website will be able to fill that void for you.

If you’re looking for something else such as paleo friendly dessert recipes, then be sure to head over to that page. There is plenty of great sweet desserts that are also pretty healthy.

Crunchy & Tender Paleo Chicken Nuggets

These paleo chicken nuggets are a fantastic nibble food that will satisfy your cravings for typical breaded nuggets. There is a ton of great dipping sauces that go perfectly with these nuggets. For example, in the picture below I have a paleo friendly ranch dressing,...

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Incredibly Addictive Paleo Brownies

If you’re craving sweets, then these paleo brownies are the perfect treat to fill that void. These are certainly an interesting combination of ingredients that surprisingly work well together. The result is incredibly moist and packed full of flavor. These are also...

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How To Make Fresh Homemade Almond Milk

Homemade almond milk is actually incredibly easy to make and only requires just a couple of ingredients. One of the best things I love about making this at home is that you know exactly what goes into it. Being on the paleo diet almond milk is the perfect replacement...

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Simple Wholesome Paleo Apple Muffins

These paleo apple muffins are a must for anyone who loves apples. They’re sweet, moist and delicious but you must be careful as you may end up eating all of them in one sitting! If you’re new to baking on the paleo diet, then it’s important to remember that baking...

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Simple Fresh Tomato Salsa

This nice & fresh tomato salsa simply tastes amazing and is great on its own or alongside another dish. There typically isn’t anything that isn’t considered paleo friendly in a salsa normally. However, you may find recipes that you use additional ingredients such...

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Mouth Watering Paleo Lemon Bars

This Paleo lemon bars recipe is absolutely amazing and perfect for anyone looking for a tasty paleo-friendly snack. There is one thing you will notice once you start the paleo diet and that is the lack of snacks that are now available. When you think about it, most...

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Deliciously Crunchy Paleo Granola

A crunchy Paleo granola is a fantastic way to start the day, and it makes for a great tasty breakfast. The combination of the honey, nuts cranberries make this dish moreish. Personally, I tend to make this now almost every week, so I can have it for breakfast before I...

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Simply Amazing Paleo Sweet Potato Fries

Paleo sweet potato fries are a dieter's best friend as they just taste amazing and are actually pretty good for you. No longer do you have to feel like you’re missing out on all those tasty meals. This recipe is pretty easy to follow, and all you need to have is a...

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As always be sure to check back in the future for more great paleo snack recipes as we are constantly adding more and more. To receive updates as soon as we update the website with something new, be sure to check us out on any of the large social media websites.

If you’re new to the paleo lifestyle and looking for a bit more information on everything about it then be sure to check out some of our guides on paleo. If these guides don’t quite cover enough for you then we have reviewed plenty of fantastic paleo diet books. These book reviews will let you know if a book is worth buying and what you can expect to find in them.

We also have a great paleo crash course that will bring you up to speed on everything paleo. It contains great information like how to get started, paleo friendly ingredients and much more.

If you’re after a meal rather than a snack than we have an ever growing range of yummy paleo recipes. These range from delicious healthy breakfasts right through to mouth-watering desserts.

One of the most confusing things about this diet is whether or not an ingredient is allowed to be eaten. The is it paleo page goes into details on some of the most requested ingredients and why they or aren’t allowed to be eaten whilst following this diet.

These recipes may be a bit too time consuming if you’re looking of a super quick snack. If you just want something to eat quickly then you can try eating a piece of fruit, olives, some cold meats, tuna and much more. If you cook it ahead of time the paleo granola is a great dish to snack on every now and then.

I hope you enjoy these paleo snack recipes! If you have any thoughts, variations or anything else then be sure to leave a comment on the relevant recipe.