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7+ Paleo Breakfast Recipes: Healthy Recipes to Start the Day

These paleo breakfast recipes are great to start the day with a lot of them being relatively quick and easy to put together.

It is very important to start the day with a breakfast that will keep you going. These paleo friendly breakfast recipes will do exactly that!

Breakfast can be a pretty difficult meal to prepare for when going on the paleo diet since a lot of the supermarket cereals, porridge, yogurts are off limits.If you’re always on the go then something like the paleo granola is perfect as you can cook this ahead of time and have it stored in an airtight container ready for eating.

Even if you’re not on the paleo diet these healthy breakfast recipes are great if you’re looking to improve your overall health as the paleo diet offer a range of benefits.

Incredibly Tasty Paleo Breakfast Casserole

This savory egg paleo breakfast casserole is the perfect way to start the day. It is jam packed full of tasty vegetables and crispy bits of bacon. One thing that I absolutely love about casseroles is that you can easily feed a crowd without a huge amount of effort....

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Simply Amazing Paleo Frittata

A paleo frittata makes for an amazing breakfast, lunch or even as a dinner dish. It’s packed full of amazing flavours such as the crispy bacon, sweet succulent cherry tomatoes, tender mushrooms and so much more. You will need to make sure you have a skillet or...

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Paleo Porridge: A Delicious Paleo Breakfast Porridge

This paleo porridge recipe is an answer to anyone who still has cravings for that nice warm porridge in the morning. Porridge traditionally a dish that is made by boiling up a ground or crushed grain. The dish we all know today is commonly done with oats or oatmeal....

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Super Easy Paleo Scrambled Eggs

This paleo scrambled eggs recipe is absolutely delicious and also incredibly easy to cook up. If you’re use to normal scrambled eggs, then you will find this recipe a bit different since we use coconut cream instead of normal cream. The coconut cream in this recipe...

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The Paleo Recipe Cookbook

The Paleo cookbook contains a ton of high quality recipes that will leave you drooling for more. Every recipe is matched with high quality photography so you know exactly what you're about to make. It's constantly updated with much more recipes planned....

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Damn Amazing Paleo Pancakes

These paleo pancakes are just so damn delicious you will probably be wanting them every weekend. They are really easy to cook up and won’t be taking up too much time in the morning. I love having these pancakes with some fresh berries and a little bit of honey. If you...

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Deliciously Crunchy Paleo Granola

A crunchy Paleo granola is a fantastic way to start the day, it makes for a great tasty breakfast. The combination of the honey, nuts cranberries really make this dish mourish. Personally I tend to now make this almost every week so I can have it for breakfast before...

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Deliciously Creamy Paleo Custard

This is a yummy paleo custard recipe that is great for either breakfast or dessert. It is also pretty easy to make with the exception of making sure you don’t overcook the eggs. To make this custard paleo friendly I use of coconut milk instead of normal milk. One...

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Delicious Breakfast Paleo Omelette

The Paleo omelette is the perfect way to start the day if you're feeling like a nice cooked breakfast. One of the best things about this recipe is how easy it is to quickly prepare and cook up. It also tastes pretty amazing and can be easily altered to suit your...

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As we mentioned above these are relatively easy paleo breakfast recipes. This is because we know how busy most people’s mornings are so when going through recipes we kept in mind. All the recipes can be either cooked up in just minutes or ahead of time so you can just grab and eat on the go.

If you’re new or looking for more information our Paleo guides will help you gain much more in-depth insight into the paleo diet. It covers topics such as the benefits of the paleo diet, myths about the diet and much more.

If you’re after a broader view on all the paleo diet recipes we have on offer then check out the recipes section. It will have all meals ranging from paleo breakfast recipes right through to desserts and even snacks.

There are many ingredients that you shouldn’t be eating whilst on the paleo diet so you might be confused on a few that are borderline paleo friendly. Our is it paleo? Guides help clear up confusion around a lot of the most common ingredients. If you’re asking yourself if you can use tapioca, honey or anything whether it is allowed in your paleo breakfast then be sure to check that page out.

If you’re ready to get head first into the paleo diet then you should check out the paleo crash course it will have everything you need to get going. It also includes 7 free recipes including a fantastic breakfast recipe.

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Alternatively be sure to come check back on us as we are always adding more great content with many more guides, recipes and much more to come.

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