3+ Delicious Paleo Apple Recipes

These paleo apple recipes are perfect for anyone who loves dishes where apple is one of the main ingredients. It’s also perfect if you have a few apples lying around that need to be cooked up.

As you may or may not know apples are allowed on the paleo diet but shouldn’t be eaten in huge quantities. This means a good apple dish is acceptable for every now and then.

Apple is a super versatile fruit as it works well in so many different dishes. It goes amazing with pork but also goes really well in muffins. There is a huge range of paleo desserts that make use of apples from delicious apple crisps right through to just baked apples.

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Super Easy Paleo Baked Apples

paleo baked apples
These simply amazing baked apples are a fantastic dessert. They’re got an incredible filling that’s made from walnuts, dates honey, cinnamon and nutmeg.

You can enjoy these baked apples without any extras but with that said. A drizzle of honey goes incredibly well over the top.


Simple Wholesome Paleo Apple Muffins

paleo apple muffins
These incredible apple muffins are well worth trying if you’re looking a sweet snack on the paleo diet. They cook to be moist and taste as good as they look.

You can have these muffins as a dessert, snack or pretty much whenever you want them. As with most baked good they’re best fresh.


Super Delicious Paleo Apple Crisp

paleo apple crisp
A delicious apple dessert that’s paleo friendly. This dessert is a must try if you love apple crisps. It has an almond and coconut flour topping that’s packed with flavour. The apples cook to be tender and have a slight hit of cinnamon and lemon juice.


Deliciously Crunchy Paleo Rhubarb Crisp

paleo rhubarb crisp
The paleo rhubarb crisp has rhubarb as the main focus but also has delicious chunks of apple throughout it. This is certainly a dish you must try if you’re a fan of rhubarb. The topping is basically the same as the apple crisp that is mentioned above.


I hope that you love these paleo friendly apple recipes! If you have any feedback that you would love to share on any of the dishes, then please don’t hesitate to leave a comment on the relevant recipe. We always enjoy reading your feedback so we can further improve future recipes.

You can use basically any kind of apple for cooking however you will find some will cook up better than others. You will find that the best apples for cooking are granny smith, Jonagold and much more. It really just comes down to personal preference more than anything as every apple has its own unique flavour and characteristics.

If you’re after more than just apple recipes, then be sure to check out the page on all the latest and greatest paleo recipes. They’re incredibly tasty and cover every part of the day from breakfast right through to dessert.

Being aware of which ingredients you’re able to have and ones to avoid is extremely important on the paleo diet. The paleo shopping list is a great list that you can refer to whilst at the supermarket. Alternatively, if you want more information then the is it paleo page has detailed articles on ingredients that are often confused to if they’re paleo friendly or not.

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