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While it is true that the Paleo lifestyle has gained a lot of supporters in recent years, it has its fair share of detractors as well. In this article we will discuss the most common arguments against paleo and try to explain why these paleo diet myths are simply just wrong.

If you have any myths that you would like to share then please don’t hesitate to leave a comment at the bottom of this page. There are just so many but these 4 are the most common that I come across.

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Prefer to listen about the paleo myths? Check out the video I have prepared below. Alternatively, you can find the full text guide right below the video. If you like the video then please make sure you subscribe to the YouTube so you stay up to date on all the paleo recipes, guides and much more.

Paleo Myth #1: Paleo is expensive and not sustainable

The first of the paleo diet myths is that many Paleo detractors love to bring up the high cost of foods associated with Paleo and the paleo lifestyle. While yes, a pound of organic broccoli or range-free chicken breast might be a bit more expensive than a Big Mac, you need to see the food as a long-term investment rather than a quick fix.

A pound of chicken breast combined with some leafy vegetables will provide enough food for 2 or 3 meals, its macronutrient ratio will be composed mainly of fibrous carbohydrates and lean protein which means it will be significantly better for you in the long term.

Also, the risks associated with a diet based on simple carbohydrates and junk foods are much more dangerous and more expensive to treat in the long-term. All the diseases associated with obesity such as heart disease, diabetes and strokes are very costly to treat and will definitely result in an inferior quality of life.

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If you shop around and try and find the best prices from stores both offline and online, you can cut the cost of shopping on the paleo diet considerably. For example, something like Amazon is an excellent online source for paleo pantry goods. For fresher ingredients try local markets, local butchers or even the large supermarkets. I find taking a shopping list with me is a great way to know exactly what to get saving you time and possibly money at the shops.

Paleo Myth #2: Paleo means increased cholesterol levels

fish for cholesterolWhile it is true that the foods consumed in paleo such as meat, poultry, eggs, bacon and salmon have generally high levels of cholesterol, we need to take into consideration that dietary cholesterol and blood cholesterol are two different things.

Whilst it might seem normal that an increased cholesterol intake will inevitably result in higher blood cholesterol levels; this is simply not the case.

A recent study performed by the American College Sports of Medicine showed that adults who followed a Paleo diet for 10 weeks reported decreased levels of LDL cholesterol and total cholesterol. In this study, forty three adults with no history of heart disease were quickly introduced to the Paleo diet. After the 10 weeks were up, participants had dropped on average 4% of their total body fat percentage.

Paleo Myth #3: Cavemen only lived thirty years

Paleo Diet MythsThe third of the paleo diet myths in this article is that why should we follow the feeding habits of our Paleolithic ancestors, when they only lived on average thirty years? Doesn’t this prove that the Paleo diet doesn’t lead to improved health? Well, while it is true that the average cavemen died around the age of thirty during the Paleolithic age, this had little to do with their feeding habits, most people back then died from cuts, infections and diseases that are merely inconveniences today.

During the Paleolithic times something as simple as a fever, a bad case of the flu or a broken limb pretty much guaranteed death back then. Things like these should not be a concern in the modern world where we have access to the best medical treatment and things like antibiotics. If anything, studies have recently proven that degenerative diseases back then were pretty much non-existent which is why this topic should not even be a concern if you’re attempting to go paleo.

Paleo Myth #4: Paleo Doesn’t Include Enough Carbs

The paleo diet is actually surprisingly not a low carb diet but instead varies heavily what you decide to eat whilst the diet. For example, you’re able to eat high carb foods such as sweet potatoes, squash, fruits and much more. People who need more carbs will include these foods more into their diet but for others who want less carbs can leave them out for a lower carb diet. It’s surprisingly flexible!

I hope that you have enjoyed reading this article on some of the most popular the paleo diet myths. If you have some feedback or anything you would like to share then please make sure you do leave a comment below.

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